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I have been in the Mortgage Business for the last 25 years and beyond. I have been working in the Real Estate business with Residence Reality for the last 13 years*. I have a full-service broker and have provided clients with not only Mortgages but also helping them find their current home purchase.  I provide how to and what to know guides for all my clients to help them navigate the loan and purchasing process. I keep up on all the current home financing and refinancing programs along with the current rates available.   I treat each purchase/refinance experience as a unique advantage to help my clients grow and find what meets their needs. 

 Helping Real Estate investors find rental properties to flipping homes, short- and long-term loans. 

I work equally as hard with my personal clients to find the loan for their current purchase or their forever home! 

Notable Mention - BizWest: I was one of the Notable Woman in the Mortgage Brokers and Title Officers mentions in July 2022.

I have been serving the community not only in the Real Estate and Financial Markets but have been working with the Berthoud Lions Club as Secretary for the last 6 years. I was awarded the Melvin Jones Fellow Award for Dedicated Humanitarian Services, from Lions Clubs International Foundation. I am here for you whatever your need, from information on what to do to get where you want to be or making that final choice and what works best for you to achieve your final goal in navigating the mortgage process. 

*Mortgage Contract Services and Residence Reality have no affiliation.

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